A graduate of Pomeranian University of Medicine in Szczecin. Ten years of experience in general surgery acquired under the supervision of Jerzy Lubikowski, MD, PhD at the Department of General and Transplantation Surgery of a Provincial Hospital in Szczecin. He currently works at a Clinical Department of Plastic, Endocrynologic and General Surgery of Pomeranian Medical University in Police.


Doctor Łokaj’s surgical experience encompasses the entire range of general surgery, surgery of inguinal hernias, operations of lower limbs varices, proctologic procedures, advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Doctor Łokaj also performs ultrasonographic examinations, and he is particularly interested in preventive and surgical treatment of intestinal fistulas. He systematically expands his skills by participating in medical congresses and trainings at the best health centres in Poland.

Private practice

Doctor Łokaj has been cooperating with doctor Jerzy Lubikowski at ASYMED and KOLMED private practices since 2009. He chiefly provides surgical consultations, treats proctologic diseases, diseases of leg veins, practices aesthetic medicine and performs aesthetic surgeries as well as ultrasonographic examinations.